SugarCRM Outsourcing / Off-shoring



Veon leverages best practices to ensure smooth and high quality execution of SugarCRM projects. We value the communication and keep them crystal clear in all our assignments. You may want to look at us for your SugarCRM project outsourcing requirements due to the following advantages


bullet point 1 voip Cost Effective – We charge $ 15 – $ 18 per Hr for SugarCRM offshore developers / consultants and $ 2,400 for a full time dedicated consultant / developer per month basis.


bullet point 2 voip High Quality – We ensure highest performance optimized modular documented and upgrade safe deliverable.  Our consultants have great communication and technical skill-set ensuring success every time.


bullet point 3 voip Scalable – Ramp up or ramp down as per your SugarCRM projects pipeline. This gives you the flexibility to plan as per your client engagements and forecast of work in the coming period


bullet point 4 voip Hassle Free – We take care of small things so that we don’t consume your effort and time and make execution on auto-pilot mode for you.



How to Reach Us


The quickest way to reach us is to fill in a one minute contact us form. Be assured that you will hear back from us at the earliest and Contact Us Veonsomeone with knowledge and expertise will reach out to you.





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