SugarCRM has grown in popularity across the years and so has its ecosystem consisting of partners, developers and social forums. This article presents the level of popularity of the platform and also how evolved is the network of customers, partners and developers.

SugarCRM’s Popularity Across the Globe

Whereas United States, UK, Australia and parts of Europe have strong number of customers, Asia pacific region has more developers and social groups over linked in, facebook etc. We have made this info-graphics based on the following inputs

SugarCRM Partner Portal

We went through the partner portal and gathered the number of partners in a specific country or region. This is an indication of popularity levels of the platform.

Linked In and Social Media Groups

In many cases the partner portal did not yield the details. We went through social media like Linked In, Facebook and Google Plus. Availability of groups meant that the traction was there.

SugarCRM Developers in popular job portals

In some countries we would developers to outnumber the customers. This is specially true for Asia. We went through the popular job portals to understand the popularity levels of the solution from development community perspective.

SugarCRM Popularity and Eco System presence


The following have been referred to come out with this info-graphics and we acknowledge that there may be inaccuracies. However data has been collated thoroughly before putting this up.

  • SugarCRM Partner Portal
  • Linked In Groups
  • SugarCRM Developers in popular job portals.


The above chart shows that the platform has a huge traction in North America, Europe and Australia. Certain pockets like Singapore, South Africa and certain Latin American counties also use the application heavily. It is a common knowledge that most of the users belong to small and medium enterprises across the globe.

There are certain regions which are yet to catch up. Africa and certain regions in middle east are among those regions. It can be argued that overall IT infrastructure in most of these regions are poor.

Certain regions like India, Bangladesh and Northern Europe have a skewed ecosystem. There are more developers than customers or partners. These geographies have tremendous growth potential as SugarCRM is definitely a must for cost conscious  customers in these regions.

With the latest versions and marketing attempts by the company, more and more enterprise class customers are waking up to the platform. Certain big names like IBM is already using the solution. It is therefore a matter of time when SugarCRM would acquire a sizable pie across customer segments.

Competitors of SugarCRM

Though SugarCRM is in a niche segment and has a classic differentiation of being commercial open source, there are companies which it is pitched against. The foremost of them is and is no surprise. However SugarCRM scores on being cost effective, flexible and ability to be installed on premise. The next competitor of SugarCRM is Zoho. It offers upto 3 users free and has lot of applications which can be added on to the basic pack. However the problem it runs into is that customers prefer fixed pricing instead of being charged for every add on. VTiger is also a competition and the solution offers additional features like Ordering and Inventory management. However it is not an enterprise class application which has made many customers migrate to SugarCRM when they grow big.

Asia Pacific – An Opportunity for SugarCRM?

Considering that has already set up a big name for themselves in this region, SugarCRM should consider spending on marketing in this region. Also given that the customers are budget conscious, SugarCRM makes more sense to them than other applications.