SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration

SugarCRM integration with QuickBooks

Let us understand the background of why SugarCRM integration with QuickBooks is needed in the first place. A smart enterprise chooses best of the breed solutions for each of their functional areas. SugarCRM is one of the best platform available in the customer relationship management space. As far as QuickBooks is concerned, increasing number of companies are using it for accounting and book keeping. The key reasons behind success of these solutions are their simplicity and features which make the lives of the end users simple. When we have multiple system in the landscape of an enterprise, it becomes important to integrate them efficiently so that data becomes available between the platform in a seamless manner.

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Key Features of SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration

Our pre-configured solution takes care of a typical business needs of an organization which may need SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration. The section below lists our default features which comes along with the solution. The solution is flexible and can be extended as per the business needs of the organization. Hence if you have any specific business needs, the same can be attained by tweaking the solution

Account Sync

Customer Sync

The solution helps you to synchronize the customer data in SugarCRM to QuickBooks. So, if a sales person creates a new Account created in SugarCRM, it will be automatically synced with QuickBooks so that the accounting user has access to the same while raising invoices and estimates.

Product Sync

Product Sync

Product information is available in QuickBooks. The same can be sent to SugarCRM so that you can have information on products in the system. The solution helps to ensure that you always have the up-to date information in SugarCRM and sales people have access to the correct products to base their Quotes on.

Invoice and Invoice Item Sync

Invoice Sync

Invoices are created in QuickBooks and are synced with SugarCRM. This helps the sales representatives to communicate with end customers based on the invoice information. When we sync the invoices, we also take care of the invoice items so that SugarCRM users can get a complete view of the invoices within the application.

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Advantages of integrating SugarCRM with QuickBooks

Having information flow from QuickBooks and SugarCRM has many benefits. This integration ensures that you build an agile application infrastructure and save on manual communication among team members. Some of them are listed below.

Product Sync

Save Time and Effort

With this integration, you can save time and effort in making the information flow between the applications. This eliminates the need for manual entry and shortens your time to market.

Increase productivity

Increase Productivity

This solution keeps the data constantly flowing between the applications and removes the need to key in any information twice. It helps the users focus on their core functions instead of following up for information.

Faster time to Market

Shorter time to market

The solution makes your enterprise agile and gears it up for growth. It generates an efficiency which ensures that you can launch new products, make organizational changes, meet market variations within a short time.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the SugarCRM QuickBooks integration. These can help answer some of your questions.

Yes. The solution is compatible for SuiteCRM as well. Reach out to us for a more detailed information regarding the same. There are system demonstrations on our YouTube channel regarding this integration with SuiteCRM.

Of course. We usually add custom field mappings between the applications. If you are looking at adding extra integration points, we can also add these features specific to your needs. This will however be charged additional to the base implementation.

We work with all editions of QuickBooks online. As of now, we don’t integrate the desktop version of QuickBooks.

Yes. We have a shared support model which is economical yet very effective in maintaining your SuiteCRM instance and keep it up to date with latest version of the platform. It also includes minor changes and enhancements.

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