Businesses need to communicate with their prospects, customers and partners quicker than ever before. Our SugarCRM Twilio integration for SMS sending aims to help you achieve just that in an efficient manner. Imagine if you are a car repair workshop which needs to alert the status of their vehicle and schedule a time for their pick up or hear back from them if they have a feedback for the job done.

SugarCRM Twlio integration – Salient features

SugarCRM SMS integration solution encompasses various features which a business may need to be able to run their business. The important features of the solution are listed below.

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Design SMS templates

Using the dynamic variable insertion, you can go a long way to saving time and effort while outbound SMS from the application. It also helps in reducing manual errors while sending the same.

Screenshot of Define SMS templates

Send a single outbound message on the fly

You can send SMS to a contact either from the list view or the details view. After clicking the send SMS button, you will be presented with the option to either select a template or type the message manually. After you click the send button, the SMS will be delivered instantaneously.

Screenshot of Quick link to send SMS

Send a message to multiple contacts

Let us say that you need to send a SMS to all contacts created in the last 24 hours. You can filter the contacts using the standard search functionality of SugarCRM. You can select the contacts one by one or simply use the select all option. After this you can click send SMS. Again, you can choose a template or type the SMS manually. On clicking the send button, the content will be delivered to the selected recipients.

Screenshot of Mass send SMS from list of Contact

Inbound SMS into SugarCRM

 You also get the option to receive SMS within the application. Twilio delivers the SMS to the SugarCRM and this leads to a notification to the user. This helps the user reach out to the respective customer immediately.

Screenshot of Inbound SMS

SMS conversation with the prospect

If a sales rep wants to see the history of the SMS conversation which has happened with the customer in the past, he can do so within the SMS conversation window. This window shows him the conversation which has happened in an intuitive manner.

SMS Conversation in contacts detail view



Business Benefits of SugarCRM Twilio integration

The solution has immense benefits for the organization specially for the ones where speed of communication matters the most. Some of key advantaged are listed below.

Efficient and Productive way of communication

Effective SMS communication within SugarCRMThe solution saves time in communicating with the customers. Within seconds, the sales and after sales representatives can send the appropriate message and hear back from the customers.


Actively engage prospects 

Engage your prospectUsing the solution, you can identify reach out to prospect in a much easier manner. By sending them personalized message, you can increase the chances of closing new business as well as improving the experience of the existing customers.


Reach out instantly to specific customer set 

filter and send SMS to customerIn certain event, you can filter the contacts based on certain attribute and send them the right communication. For example, a utility company experiencing outages, can send regular updates on the situation to customers filtered based on their zip codes.


Scalable solution built on robust platforms 

Scale up the businessBoth SugarCRM and Twilio are scalable cloud-based applications. If your business volumes increase with time, these platforms can handle the same easily for years to come.


Have meaningful conversation with customers.

Meaningful SMS Conversation With the SMS conversation feature, you can take the interaction with the customers to a whole different level. Have fast conversations with the customers like never before.



Additional considerations while integrating Twilio with SugarCRM

While SMS is a powerful tool which can speed up your sales and after sales cycle, there are additional considerations a business might want to consider. This is so because of nature of the interaction.

    • Limited interaction is the best

Do not send too many texts if you don’t hear back from the customer within a short period of time. People may find it offending.

    • Timing is crucial

Timing of the SMS is crucial. Specially if you are sending mass text messages, you may want to ensure that its timed in convenient manner to your audience.

    • Option for customers to opt out

Giving an opt-out option to customer – Some people may genuinely not be interested in receiving texts from you and this is fine. You may want to opt them out so that you don’t send any more text to them.

Evaluating SugarCRM for your business – We can help

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