We constantly invest in learning new things which help us serve you in a faster and efficient manner. Our R&D and pursuit of leadership in this area has helped create a differentiation in this space. We not only strive to adhere to best practice but also design solutions which help the entire SugarCRM ecosystem. This has helped in gaining trust from various customers who now look upon us to develop solutions on SugarCRM to solve complex business problems.



SugarCRM Thought Leaders – Veon Consulting

Following are some exhibits on the work we have done and our latest R&D effort. We are proud to announce that our constant innovation has helped customers in all the continents now. The work has been in all the directions be it creating solutions on top of SugarCRM or writing whitepapers or creating plug-ins.



SugarCRM Solutions

The following solutions have been created by Veon Consulting for its customers on SugarCRM platform. They have been re-utilized in multiple forms and with certain adaptations.


A. SugarCRM Real Estate Management Solution

This solution helps real estate agents to automatically get a RETs feed from their local MLS and help refresh property listings within SugarCRM. The solution also helps by automatically integrating with wordpress front end and capturing inquiries from their property portal into SugarCRM to match preferences and send matching properties to the prospective buyers.


B. SugarCRM Territory Management Solution

Having an instance of CRM that you would want to use for multiple divisions? This solution can help you define territories / business lines so that your entire data is restricted as per the authorization maintained in the system. Hence a cement division user will view respective leads, accounts, opportunities etc. whereas a glass division user will see the other set. User with multiple assignment can view both the sets.


C. SAP SugarCRM Integration

Many SAP customers look out for implementing a CRM solution on top of their SAP box. However when the number of users are high and budget is moderate, SAP SugarCRM integration can help in having a world class CRM application closely integrated with SAP box.


D. SugarCRM Upgrade Tool

It is not necessary that you SugarCRM developer would have followed the standards while customizing your SugarCRM instance. When it comes to upgrade limited documents can push you towards re-implementing the solution. Upgrade Tool automatically crawls and finds out the customization done earlier with classification into non-upgrade safe developments so that you can save money and time.



SugarCRM Add ons


We extensively work on the following SugarCRM Add ons which help us develop functionality with minimum effort thus saving cost without compromising on quality


i. Zucker Reports

The plug-in helps in creation of custom reports which could be parameterized and supports complex reporting formats


ii. Process Maker

Processmaker is a BPM Tool that helps in creation of workflows and can integrate with SugarCRM.


iii. MS Outlook Integration

Veon has extensive experience in Outlook integration by using free plug-ins.


iii. Talend the ETL Tool

Veon leverages ETL Tool called Talend.It is a commercial opensource solution. We use it for migrating data for upgrades and migration projects



Whitepapers Published

Our consultants have put their learning’s in the form of whitepapers shared with the community.  Reach out to us to get you free copy of these whitepapers.


I.  Migration from a legacy CRM application example Goldmine / Zoho – Key learning

Most of the customers who have been using customer-centric are switching to new generation CRM solutions like Salesforce.com, MS Dynamics and SugarCRM which are more account based along with other advantages. However this migration for many has been a bumpy ride from both business and technical perspective. This whitepaper elaborates the key learning’s while migrating the instance and the various approaches a customer can chose from



II. Best Practices for CRM Upgrades

Customers undertaking CRM upgrade assignments are often hit with new problems. Limited documentation on customization done till date, lack of repository detailing application source code changes, redundant data and slow application are some of them. This whitepaper details out how you can avoid getting obsolete at the same time also ensuring no vendor-lock-in.


III. SugarCRM Sizing Approach

Sizing SugarCRM server specifications as per your business needs and user database can be challenging task for the administrator. This whitepaper gives a guideline on how to size your server based on integration points, maximum concurrent users, nature of usage etc. and is meant for system administrator function on an organization.


IV. Vendor Lock-in and Balancing Cost of Quality of your IT Program

Sacrificing the level of documentation and hence quality of project in order to save cost has led to vendor lock-in for many customers. For business critical applications, the organization cannot afford to have even a single day’s downtime in current business scenario. This whitepaper describes the quality parameters and checklist which a client should follow to avoid vendor lock-in



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