Reasons to upgrade SugarCRM

Everyone wants to be on the latest version of a software. Upgrading to the latest version of SugarCRM  is not only a fad but also a business necessity. Upgrading to the latest version may give you the edge over others in a number of ways.

Top reasons to upgrade SugarCRM

Here is a ready reference of why you as a small business owner must consider moving the latest version. This list may not be exhaustive but definitely a good starting point.

(i) New feature set

Businesses evolve and so does the environment under which they operate. Every release comes with enhancement of existing features. You would want to empower your business users with the latest that the solution has to offer. New extensions, add-ons and integration are always built keeping the latest version of SugarCRM as a reference. Being on an older instance may prove a hindrance in using them.

(ii) Bug Fixes and Performance 

There are some more considerations. None of the software solutions is perfect. They all have bugs which get fixed in the subsequent releases. SugarCRM is no different. Community and users report problems which get fixed with the next release. Typically there are thousands of bugs which get resolved with each version. You may not have noticed it as yet, but others have. There is a strong possibility that once you enhance your business processes, you may hit one of these. You may then invest time and money on getting this resolved. Instead choose the wiser alternative – upgrade your instance.

Apart from bug fixes, the company also works on improving the basic framework of the solution. Performance is a key aspect. With the newer versions of PHP in general and SugarCRM in particular there has been a lot of effort to make the platform respond faster.

(iii) Security Glitches 

With every release of a software, it becomes more reliable and robust. Many security loopholes are realized and fixed in upcoming releases. This is an important aspect on why companies must remain updated with any web based solution like SugarCRM.

How does Veon execute SugarCRM upgrades

Veon Consulting leverages in-house developed SugarCRM Upgrade Tool. This PHP based tool helps the customers in upgrading SugarCRM in a faster, cheaper and methodical manner. The solution ensures that

a. The upgraded instance has all the custom components.

b. Ensures that the business has practically zero down time.

c. Ensures harmonization of custom table fields and data structures.


The SugarCRM Upgrade tool  helps you overcome the following issues

i. The SugarCRM vendor might not have followed the best of coding standards while customizing the instance.

ii. There may be custom database fields added but not through studio and hence need to be captured during the upgrade process.

iii. The development are poorly documented and hence the upgrade vendor will need to rely on manual effort of “discovering” non upgrade safe elements of the SugarCRM Instance


Benefits of the solution

The tool helps our development team serve your upgrades in many aspects. The most prominent one is by helping us discover the custom components in your SugarCRM instance.

a. Reduced developer effort (upto 60%) during the upgrade also leading to lesser bugs / further fine tuning.

b. Automatic Database Synchronization taking into account the custom fields of SugarCRM application even if SugarCRM’s coding standards were not followed.

c. Identification of redundant data and performance bottlenecks of SugarCRM application for critical business transactions.

d. Shortened downtime of application in cases total elimination of downtime. Benefit from upgraded version in shorter timelines as otherwise.

e. Automatic built up of source code change repository (repository of places where SugarCRM source code have been changed. This helps in future upgrades.



Screenshots of the solution

The following are the screenshot of the solution which depicts the solution and show how it works. The below screenshot how the solution compares the database structures.

Screenshot 1 SugarCRM upgrade tool

Screenshot 2 SugarCRM upgrade tool