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So you thought only tracking field activities, boosting customer acquisitions and pipelines are the most important aspects of SugarCRM rather using it as a help desk solution? You may be wrong. Read this – almost 45% of  our clientele have realized the important of incorporating the after sales function in their implementation plan. Rationale is simple. Its not the gross but the net (after removing the attrition) customer acquisition rate  which matters. Moreover, the cost of acquiring a customer is way more than that of retaining an old one.

Heard it before? Great lets see what we have to offer in this area. Instead of having yet another solution integrated with SugarCRM, we can help you have entire support function with a single system.Also, before we deep-dive into this, you may bear in mind that the SugarCRM help desk solution we are taking about, has various configurable parameters which you can adjust as per your needs. So to be able to fully implement this solution , you can plan and organize your support desk operations according to the KPIs.

SugarDesk – Comprehensive Help Desk on SugarCRM

This section talks about the various features of SugarDesk. The flow of the article is deliberately kept in sequence so that it can help the audience in parallel to evaluate / benchmark their current help desk operations.

#1. Master Data / Set Up 

Before you use SugarDesk you may want to first ensure the setup of the system in order that the solution can work seamlessly. This has the following steps involved.

Create Support Teams

You may want to organize your support desk into teams (example billing, order tracking, customer support). There can of-course be overlaps, however this segregation helps in assigning the correct ticket to the help desk member who can solve the particular problem.

Classify your Customers

Classifying the customers as per the service level agreements (SLAs) you have with them. You can also classify at Accounts module (making it applicable for all contacts for that  Account). The most important customers can have a tighter SLAs so that the issues are resolved in a fast track manner.

Defining Services Levels as per Ticket Priority

Define priority-wise response and resolution within a SLA rule. This helps in you tracking response and resolution time which can be on a 24 x 7 basis or working hour basis by simply selecting the corresponding check-box.

SLA set up Sugar Desk

Holiday Calendar set-up for non-working day

If you track your service levels in work days. You must set up your calendar.Define the days when you are not working by simply uploading them in this module. Also define days when your office is open only for half day. The SLA for the tickets which are against working hours will be calculated accordingly.

Inbound email for ticket creation

We propose that you have an inbound email ID one per team that you have set up. The incoming emails would be created as a ticket and assigned to the respective group.

#2.  Streamlining help desk operations with Sugar Desk

We have done an optimized user interface so that the users can execute their daily operations easily with SaugarDesk. This ensures that they have right amount of data without going to multiple screens. They can see and actionize the tickets which are nearing SLA expiration. Here are the feature list of how SugarDesk optimizes the help desk experience.

a. Dashboard for monitoring support queues

As a help desk team member I can not only see the tickets which are assigned to me, but I can also choose to pick up the tickets are assigned to one of my groups and not yet picked up by any one as yet.

Dashboard sugardesk

b. Ticket life-cycle management with easy buttons

Buttons to Put a comment, Assign to self, Put Ticket on Hold / Wait, Change status to Work in Progress and Change Status to Resolved. The buttons are enabled or disabled based on current status of the ticket. This helps the user to have a single window where he / she can take action and bring the ticket to a closure.

Single window ticket

c. Easy updates by customer by replying to support  mail

SugarDesk makes it easy for the customers to update the ticket in case of any further clarifications or comments which can help. The added communication is attached as email within the ticket antid the support team member finds the ticket again open for his / her action.

d. Capturing Customer Satisfaction Levels

So how happy are your customers with your company?On resolution the customers can either re-open the ticket or give feedback with ratings on the service provided over an email. This helps you to track satisfaction levels.

SugarDesk – Destined to keep your customers happy

Keeping customers stick with you by awing them with your support is longer a dream. SugarDesk helps you manage entire support desk activities in a single application. On the other hands it ensures high productivity of your support team member. All this without having to shell out per user per month charges. Here are the key benefits of SugarDesk

Rejuvenate your Help Desk Now

Interested in the solution? If you want to manage your customer support in an optimal manner on SugarCRM, please feel free to reach out to us by filling in the relevant details on the right hand side. As per your request we can make it available for a demo and answer your question that you may have. The implementation fees may be over and above this amount for profession and enterprise editions.