Many companies have started to realize the importance of marketing automation. MailChimp is one of the most powerful tool which can help you send the right message to the right prospect and the right time.

A powerful feature of MailChimp is ability to create “Lists” and store the contacts or subscribers against it. An example of list within MailChimp is customers who have not bought anything in the last 1 month.It is extremely useful for email marketing and any kind of campaigning advertise for the business.

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SugarCRM marketing automation feature, also supports creation of Target Lists. One can create different types of targeted lists, which will be used at the time of launching a campaign. Each target list contains of number of contacts grouped together, according to certain criteria. Since most of the new contacts find a way within the CRM, it is of utmost importance to create a list within CRM by filtering contacts against certain parameters.

Integration MailChimp with CRM helps the users to auto sync their target list between the applications in either direction. This helps them manage their lists between easily and launch personalized campaigns.

Advantages of syncing the Lists between MailChimp and CRM

Advantages of MailChimp SugarCRM IntegrationIf you want to understand what are the benefits of such an integration, we have listed them below. In essence the integration helps you combine the best of both of the worlds.


  • Syncing of the list and its contacts will help to process the email marketing and perform any kind of campaigning.
  • With the help of CRM, workflows can be created to follow up the potential contacts.
  • Though MailChimp has a good reporting system, but synchronizing the data between MailChimp and CRM helps the users to have an in-depth analysis of contacts and campaigns, so they could generate a much more better targeted Lists based on the contacts behavior.

Now, let’s see an example of how synchronization of the list and its contacts takes place with the Veon Consulting Integration Solution.

Before going ahead, if users are using CRM then they need to create an account in MailChimp for synchronization. If CRM is not available then you must install any CRM tool (SuiteCRM or SugarCRM). In this example, we have used SuiteCRM to demonstrate the process.

#1 Synchronization of List from CRM to MailChimp

Open CRM, Click on the Target List and create the List by filling all the required fields. After creating a list in CRM, it will automatically create the same list with the same name at MailChimp.

Screenshot of target list north customer

In the example, a list has been created with the name of ‘Target List North Customer’ in CRM. The same will be created in MailChimp under Lists tab.

created in Mail Chimp under Lists tab

#2 Synchronization of Contacts or Subscribers from CRM to MailChimp

A Target List can have multiple Contacts. Creation of contacts in the target list will add the contacts under the same list in MailChimp.

Create a contact by filling required information, or select the contact from existing Contacts in CRM.

Screenshot of target list north customer

For example, a contact has been created with the name of ‘Eliza Brown’.  To see the contact at MailChimp, open the respective list at MailChimp.

Screenshot of Current Client-Indiana

#3 Synchronization of List from MailChimp to CRM

Create the list in MailChimp. For example, here one list has been created with the name of ‘Current Clients-Indiana’.

Synchronization of List from Mail-chimp to CRM

To see whether the same list has been created or not, go to CRM and open the Target Lists. You will be able to see the same list in the Target List.

Screenshot of target list north customer

#4 Synchronization of Contacts or Subscribers from MailChimp to CRM

To add a subscriber to the list, open the list and click on the Add Contacts. Fill the subscriber’s information in the provided fields.

For example- open the created list ‘Current Client-Indiana’. Click on the Add Contacts, and fill the details in all required field.

Screenshot of Current Client-Indiana

One subscriber has been added to the list. To see it in CRM, Open the same List and click on the Contacts, there you can see the name of Contact.

Screenshot of Current Client-Indiana

This automated synchronization helps the users to put their effort more on the campaigning rather than on managing the lists between MailChimp and CRM so that the business could grow much faster than usual.

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