SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system, It provides all typical customer facing business functions including Sales, Marketing, Service and administration in a single place. It provides a 360-degree view of customer. In this article we will be exploring team management feature within SugarCRM.

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SugarCRM team management is combined with “Roles Management” to establish a strong security model for the non-admin user, Roles management contains standards and custom modules we can define access to users by using enable and disable options in role management. Team management serves a very important role defining permissions for a group of users in Sugar the team may be based on different units/departments or regions.

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Types of Team in SugarCRM

SugarCRM organizational viewpoint teams will be managed differently based on their types, from a user viewpoint all teams will be managed much equal the following are three types of team management

  1. Global Team
  2. Private Team
  3. Standard Team

Let us understand the key features and differences between these teams.

Global Team

The global team group is created by default by SugarCRM when the instance is set-up. In Sugar, The global team is a default team for all the users and any records affiliated with can be viewed as a member of the global team and this team cannot be deleted.

Private team

In Sugar by default, a private team is created for every user in the team module. The private team name will be updated anytime if a user profile is edited or re-saved. If any change made by an administrator it will save. it later points if the user edited details it will revert the changes in Sugar  private team

Standard Team

Global and private teams are default in SugarCRM and cannot be created, the standard teams can be created by using team management settings a user should administrator access the standard team is business specifics to the organization in below example we are creating a standard team.

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Creating Standard Team in SugarCRM

SugarCRM provides an easy to use and understand interface to create and maintain teams within the CRM system, for the system admin. Follow the steps below to create a new standard team.

Step 1 – Navigate to team module tab

To configure team management in Sugar a user should have administrator access to Sugar instance, follow the below steps to navigate to team module

  • To navigate “administration page” in profile drop-down click “admin”

Navigating to SugarCRM admin panel

  • In administrator page navigate to “Users” and click on “Team Management” as shown below screenshot

Navigating to team management in SugarCRM

Step 2 Creating a team and Select Users

  • Once you click on “Team Management” you be will navigate to “Teams” Module the following screenshot shows the “Team” module

Screenshot of team module in SugarCRM

  • On click on “Create Team” you will be redirected to edit view

Screenshot of edit view of team module

  • Now fill team name and description and click on save

Screenshot of Creating a team record in SugarCRM

  • The team record is successfully created as shown below screenshot

Screenshot of team record view in SugarCRM

Step 3 Adding Users to “Sales west” team

  • Now add a users to the team as shown below screenshot team is created

Screenshot of Selecting team record in SugarCRM

  • As shown in below screenshot “Users” are added successfully

Screenshot of added users to team record

  • If you want to “un-link” or remove from the team, click on “Un-link” as shown below screenshot

Screenshot of remove team in SugarCRM

  • By following the above steps you can create a team add users to it in SugarCRM

Creating a User and Assigning team

In the above steps we created a team and added users, now creating a user via user management and assigning team. Once user is created we can enable and disabled the access for standard and custom modules. Below are the steps for creating a user and assigning team

Step 1: Navigating to the User Management

  • To access “User Management” tab navigate to administrator page and click “User Management” as shown in below screenshot

Navigating to user management in SugarCRM

  • The below screenshot shows the user management tab

Screenshot of creating a user in Sugar

  • From roles tab click on “Create User”  Fill the required details and click on save as show in below screenshot

Screenshot of saving user record in SugarCRM

  • As shown in below screenshot user is created successfully

Step 2: Adding Team to created User

  • To assign a team for the created user
    • Open user and click “Access” as shown in below screenshot

Screenshot of navigating to access tap in SugarCRM

  • Assigning team to the created user as shown in below screenshot

Screenshot of Selecting team record in SugarCRM

  • Now select the team using team search as in below screenshot

Screenshot of Select team using search

  • Now team added successfully to user module as shown in below screenshot

Screenshot of team added successfully to user module

By following the above steps we can create a team in SugarCRM, Hope this article is helpful

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