Privacy Policy – Veon Consulting


This document describes the terms of use of the services and website of Veon Consulting Pvt Limited (further referred to as Veon) and anyone using services or web content (termed as Users). Veon gives utmost priority to your privacy and ensures that it takes required precaution to ensure that the data is stored in a secure manner. However, it must be noted that before submitting your details, you must ensure that you have read the terms of use. If you disagree on any of the terms, kindly do not use our website. It may be noted that you must use the website if you are an adult, i.e., if you are over 18 years of age. Please do not fill the form on behalf of other business partner until there is a genuine requirement of our services. Users seeking employment have an alternate channel and must reach us via the same.


Voluntary collection of data


Veon collects data of potential customers and blog subscribers on a voluntary basis. This typically includes name, phone number, messenger and requirement details. The collection of data happens via the web forms placed on sidebars and in contact us page of the website. It may be noted that most of the data is collected using standard and custom plug-ins within WordPress. However, at times may also be collected using third party applications like MailChimp and Wufoo. The other ways in which the user data is collected could be any of the following.

# New users referred by other customers of Veon Consulting and entered manually in the CRM application.

# Users subscribing to the newsletter and digital content download from Veon’s websites.

# Outbound marketing efforts of personnel within Veon or a third party marketing company.


Apart from the contact information collected as mentioned above, we may also store the following information

# You search query and navigation pattern before filling up the contact us form.

# The email correspondences with out sales , marketing and technical team members.

# Development environments and replicas of your live environment.

Use of data


The information collected is used to reach out to the prospects or customers in the following manner. To contact the customer and their representatives and get a good understanding of their business needs. To send newsletter and relevant marketing campaigns and keep them up to date with our offerings and industry developments. The data can be used in other websites or partners of Veon. Veon reserves complete right to disclose personal information collected, if required by law, any legal process or to respond to government request. The company also reserves the right to update the terms.


Use of Cookies

Veon can use cookies to improve the performance and relevance of content presented on the website. This information is stored locally on your hard disk and is in no manner invades your privacy or steal any data. The sole purpose of storing cookies, as mentioned earlier is to improve your experience while using our website. You can always remove cookies by using browser options to clear cache.


In case of breach of data


While we take care of all precaution at our end, we are dependent on other providers to secure your data. These providers have world class security settings, however, Veon cannot assure that there will be no breach of security.  The providers consist of our web hosting provider Siteground, our website platform WordPress and contact forms provider Wufoo. It may be noted that these providers can change at any time without notice and new providers may be added. It may be noted that Veon is not liable for any sort of damages in case such an event materializes.


Technology stack used


Veon leverages popular content management solution such as WordPress or equivalent. It leverages SugarCRM for managing contacts and lead information. Wufoo forms and WordPress plug-ins are used for contact forms. It may be noted that a new technology stack can be introduced at any point of time. Each of these platforms may have vulnerabilities of their own.

How to reach us


Personnel at Veon can be reached at by mailing to contact at You can also use Skype to reach us by adding our ID As an alternate we can be reached by filling us the contact form on our contact us page.


Right to update Privacy Policy


Veon reserves all right to update the use of terms at any point of time without any notice to the users. This includes any User already in our database prior to the change in policy.


Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction


In case there is a dispute which falls outside the purview of this statement, it can be solved under jurisdiction of Telangana, India. However, this will be only pursued when the matter cannot be settled as per our internal defined process.