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Whitepapers on SAP and SugarCRM

Research papers published below are some of the artifacts that we continuously work on to serve customers like you in a much better fashion. Most of the documents listed below are outcome of our learning from various assignments that we have completed. They help people get a finer perspective into things related to the field that we work on.

Migration from a legacy CRM application example Goldmine – Key learning

Most of the customers who have been using customer-centric are switching to new generation CRM solutions like, MS Dynamics and SugarCRM which are more account based along with other advantages. However this migration for many has been a bumpy ride from both business and technical perspective. This whitepaper elaborates the key learning’s while migrating the instance and the various approaches a customer can chose from.




Best Practices for CRM Upgrades

Customers undertaking CRM upgrade assignments are often hit with new problems. Limited documentation on customization done till date, lack of repository detailing application source code changes, redundant data and slow application are some of them. This whitepaper details out how you can avoid getting obsolete at the same time also ensuring no vendor-lock-in.





Vendor Lock-in and Balancing Cost of Quality of your IT Program

Sacrificing the level of documentation and hence quality of project in order to save cost has led to vendor lock-in for many customers. For business critical applications, the organization cannot afford to have even a single day’s downtime in current business scenario. This whitepaper describes the quality parameters and checklist which a client should follow to avoid vendor lock-in.





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