Much has been said about things to do for having a successful CRM implementation. This article is not about the usual stuff. Rather, it is about the things that are usually missed out. I sincerely hope that this article would help you in asking the right questions and hopefully enabling you in finding the right answers. I have minimized jargon to ensure that the article can become more helpful for individuals and small business owners who are yet to start with their CRM installation.

So now lets look at what should be the top 5 questions in your mind and the answers to each of them. The questions are ordered according to their importance.



What is CRM and how will it help me

Usual question isn’t it? The answer is not so straight forward though. CRM isn’t a software. Its much more than that. Its an approach to orient an organization in such a way that customers become the center of each and every process they execute. Finally businesses exist to serve the customers isn’t it? Yes, you guessed it right. CRM software solution is just an enabler so that you can achieve this in a much smoother manner.


Having understood what CRM is, lets see how it can help you. Primarily a CRM initiative can help you get more customers and at the same time keep them happy. Wondering how? Read this article on how CRM can help you gain momentum and crush your business problems. 



How much does a CRM cost?

CRM cost of acquisitionThere are many CRM solutions which offer wide range of functionalities. The pricing model are different as well. However cloud based CRM packages are more popular now-a-days. Most of these solutions would range from $20 – $50 per user per month. However if your needs are basic you can look at open source solutions like SugarCRM and VTiger. Read why SugarCRM is so popular among start-ups. These solution are free to download and install. However to get the most out of them you can consider hiring an expert who can then help you with things like integrating it with your website to capture leads and few other basic functionalities.

Does it really work?

Yes. CRM can help your business really grow. An example of this is a popular online gifting web-shop operating in Asia. With the help of the application, they have been able to consistently build upon their customer base. Automated emails and SMSes remind you of events like birthday of your dear ones. Customized coupons on your / your spouse’s birthday make you feel special. Not only it has helped increase repeat business, but also, it has made the company the top brand recall in case someone wants to send an online gift.

Another case is that of a very popular travel business. They have customized their IVR in such a manner that it prioritizes customers automatically and help you to do transactions like cancellation / status inquiry round the clock. This has been attained by automating business processes in a smart way.


Success needs hard work. CRM gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the crowd. However the real benefit depends on how smartly you can make it adapt as per your business operations so that  it can make your customers happy.

Automation and alerts help you in prioritizing your operations and keeps you in command. The application captures and transacts with business partners in an optimal manner. Thus the system help you in collaborating and capturing data which you can analyze and improve upon.

I sincerely hope that liked the article and it was helpful in your business context. Wish you all the best from our entire team. Comments and feedback are most welcome!