Veon Consulting has one of the highly experienced and technically competent SugarCRM Consultants who not only deliver projects but also help you realize the most of what SugarCRM has to offer you out of the box which helps you save cost and time.


The top reasons why Veon delivers SugarCRM projects more efficiently are as below


Among all other reasons to why to consider Veon for SugarCRM Assignments consider the following points. This not only helps us prove ourselves as leaders in this area but at the same time also draws out the small things we do to keep ourselves on track and with quality intact.

The top reasons for selecting Veon as your SugarCRM Provider as listed as below


a. Firm Footing on SugarCRM

We have been working on SugarCRM since release 3.0. We understand SugarCRM architecture, best practices and tweaks required to make it work for your requirements.


b. Upgrade Safe Coding

We take care that we do upgrade safe coding or maintain source code change repository. We document the project and have multiple check points in terms of demonstration so that we show what we are developing for you. This helps us keep ourselves aligned as per your expectations.


c.Technical Capability with Business Understanding

We take effort in understanding your business processes, suggest your out of the box feature wherever possible and save cost and time for you. We match this with technical capability to deliver customized Solution for your business. SAP – SugarCRM Integration, SugarCRM Upgrade Solution, SugarCRM Real Estate Solution, Territory Management on SugarCRM are some of the Solutions that we have delivered on SugarCRM Platform which is testimonial with respect to the above.


d.Thorough Requirement gathering

Focus on getting the requirements and customization thoroughly documented. A review by client usually ensures that the document is proper and matches business requirement.


e.Optimized coding

The developments done should take into consideration that it should be optimized in the best possible manner for future requirements.


f.Upgrade Safe customization

As far as possible the customization should be upgrade safe. These are achieved by
a. Using logic hooks
b. PHP Coding standards and review guidelines
c. Use of module builder and studio feature of SugarCRM
d. Avoiding changing of source file / code of SugarCRM


g.Source code change repository

Wherever it is imperative to change the source code of SugarCRM, a repository should be maintained to log wherever the source code has been changed. This helps at time of upgrade.



Tools and Best Practices

Veon leverages the following tools to ensure quality and on time delivery of your projects.


i. Basecamp

This is used for managing project and tracking the communication and delivery schedule.


ii. SVN

This is used for code version management.



An internal project milestone tracking system to monitor project health and delivery adherence.


iv. myDMS

This is used for document management and knowledge repository


v. SugarCRM

A customized help desk system is used for managing customer issues and support requests.



SugarCRM Development Tool Set



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