Small companies need to grow and sustain. For this they need to prioritize their customer facing functions.  If one analyzes this aspect of business, one would surely understand why implementing the CRM for their business is so crucial for business owners.

The basic factors/processes that would affect the growth of the company are as below.

  1. Marketing and Generating Leads
  2. Lead follow-ups and Lead conversion to Customers
  3. Closing winning deals
  4. Order Management
  5. Service Management
  6. Employee management
  7. Customer loyalty management
  8. Organize process and track the overall metrics of the company

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To implement all these processes and maintaining would be require an effective system to centrally manage them all. Most of the companies these days think smart and implement CRM system which can help them get running without a large investment. A CRM solution can seamlessly implement all the above features in an organized way and can help the company grow exponentially with much less time and investment.

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How small business CRM can enhance sales

Let us take an example of the organization ABC Ltd and dive into what CRM can do for the same. ABC Ltd is a product based company which sells mobiles and laptops. These products are sent to the stores from where leads are generated and are converted to a customer. To manage the store and the employees working, the company would hire a store manager and also a regional manager to keep track of the performance of each store throughout the region. The employees working in the store are the sales representatives who interact with the customer/lead.

Sales Reps gather information about them and store it in the CRM. The probability that Lead is converted to a customer in the store is 25-50%. So the CRM can help to gain these lost leads by doing regular targeted marketing on the products that these leads are interested in. So at any point of time, these leads can be converted to customers.

CRM can also help in B2B scenario. Lets say company XYZ Ltd walks into the store and brings in an opportunity of buy a huge quantity of the products from ABC Ltd. Sales Reps would put together a quote and send it for approval to the Store Manager. If the quotation looks good, then the store manager would approve it or can be sent back to Sales Reps to re-discuss the quotation with the customer. This process would help ABC Ltd. to close the deal in a best-organized way and would give a positive impression to the buyer.

How Small Business Crm Can Enhance Sales

What can small business CRM do to improve service

Customers can only be satisfied once he gets to know that company is caring for them. This is the key factor and if not properly maintained, the company would lose the customers. A CRM would help the company to solve the customer queries/issues in a streamlined manner with fewer SLA hours.

The customer would call into ABC Ltd., then the service representatives would create a ticket in the CRM related with the customer. Then CRM will intelligently assign the ticket to the service representative based on the customer location, product, and availability of the service personal. This would help the service personnel not to be overloaded and will make sure to distribute the work equally. This would help the company to resolve the queries of the customer in less time with higher productivity from the service persons.

And if a ticket is created for the customer and not resolved within the given SLA, then the CRM would auto follow up by sending reminders to the service representative and to the respective service manager. This would make the customer not to follow up regularly on the status of the ticket and will be resolved with less engagement of the customer.

Popular small business CRM solutions

The main aim for any company to implement the CRM is to build a strong trust and good relationship with customers. So that the customer can stay with the company for a very long time and bring more business to the company. Building these trusts would require the best CRM solutions. Below are the few small business CRM solutions.

  • Human resource management system (HRMS)

Employees are more valuable than any customer. A smart employee can bring 100 customers to the company. So motivating, inspiring the employee is an important task. HRMS helps to strategize the planning with enforcing the policy and training the employees. HRMS helps to track the risk management of the project. HRMS helps in the tracking of the resource utilization and provide benefits to the resources.

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  • Order management system

CRM can be used to maintain orders placed by the customers. This can be used to generate the reports for overall revenue made for the month, quarter and year. Based on the reports the company can make the necessary implementations to improve sales.

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  • Service management system

CRM can be integrated with many other different applications(Ex. Twilio, Asterix). CRM can be used as a call center application where the customer can call the customer care and CRM can auto-detect the customer based on the call and help the service person to register and resolve the ticker.

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