Open source applications are rocking the world today specially in the small and medium enterprise segments. SugarCRM and WordPress are two such platforms which have been used extensively. Many companies have made their custom application using these open-source platforms instead of going for custom application development from scratch. SugarCRM helps companies achieve their KPIs related to Salesforce automation and customer support.  Growing acceptance has helped SugarCRM rapidly expand its popularity and footprint.

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular open source content management systems across the globe. The platform has been a huge success since its launch in 2003 and one can confidently say that it has redefined the term “blogging”. Apart from this is widely being used as platform for website for many companies (including ours).



About the SugarCRM WordPress Integration Plug-in

We had an inhouse requirement to integration our sales oriented SugarCRM to capture leads from our wordpress website. However we weren’t able to find a reliable plug-in to capture lead generated from wordpress site into SugarCRM. So we thought of making one ourselves.


What makes SugarCRM and WordPress so popular?

There are multiple factors which make these solutions popular. We have tried to list some of the most prominent ones below.

i. Strong Enormous Ecosystem

Both these applications have strong community of developers, partners and other service providers in every part of the world.


ii.Robust Architecture

The platforms have strong administration feature where you can control many aspects like adding extensions, managing back end and optimizing.


iii.Feature rich yet light

The solutions are super light but very powerful and there is no dearth of features they provide.

Though both the applications are popular, we weren’t able to find a reliable plug-in to capture lead generated from wordpress site into SugarCRM. So we thought to make one ourselves.



Pre-requisites for SugarCRM WordPress Plug-in to work

The pre-requisites for this integration to work are simple. They are listed down below for your reference.


  • You must of course have a WordPress site preferably with the latest version.
  • You also need to have SugarCRM 6.X on-wards.
  • Your server hosting WordPress instance should be able to call SugarCRM.
  • SOAP should be enabled on the servers. You can do this by enabling it in php.ini file or request your server administrator / hosting company to do it for you.


All done – Let us get started with what the plug-in can do for you. Screenshots below help you in understanding things in a step by step manner.



WordPress Plug-in for Lead capture in SugarCRM

The following is a step by step guide to install the plug-in and configure it to make it work for your business.


The first step is to install the plug-in. Just like any other plug-in. You can download the plug-in from here and proceed to administration area in your instance.

Download the plug-in by filling up for the form below

Wordpress Plugin Installation



After installation, you would need to store the credentials of SugarCRM in your settings. This is required to ensure that the integration can be called. For this you need to go to settings section and configure as given below. Please note you need to save your SugarCRM URL, User Name and password. You would need to insure that the user has admin access to your SugarCRM Instance.

Wordpress Plugin Settings


Short Code

Once this is done, you need to go to page or post where you would want to have the lead capture form and type the short-code

[WEB2LEADFORM]. This short-code would then generate the lead capture form. You may want to do the required adjustments to font and color as per your theme.

Lead Capture Form

On filling the form the lead gets captured in SugarCRM as expected. To check this you may want to navigate to Leads module and check the details as given below.

Lead Getting Created in SugarCRM


Other SugarCRM WordPress Integration projects done by us

Veon has worked on many SugarCRM WordPress integration projects. The foremost of them is for real estate companies in USA. The business scenario required fetching new property listings from MLS Board and providing this feed to SugarCRM and subsequently to WordPress. SugarCRM called relevant wordpress APIs to format and put the content as property page with optimized SEO content. If a buyer registered or showed interest in a property it was captured in SugarCRM. His preferences would captured as well. SugarCRM matches the new listings which come in and gives a feed to the buyers.

Comments / Feedback are welcome

We welcome you to provide feedback on the article. Do let us know if you like the solution. Also let us know if you have worked on something similar. We would also like to hear from you if you want some more information.